Adult Wellness Care

A yearly wellness exam for pets one to six years of age is essential to keeping your pet healthy. Pets age at a more rapid pace than humans do and need to be examined at least yearly. At the appointment, the veterinarian will ask about any problems or changes you have noticed. Next, a full physical exam is performed including a dental exam. If any vaccinations are due, they may be administered at this time. An annual fecal test is recommended to check for common intestinal parasites, as is an annual heartworm test for dogs. We will discuss your pet’s lifestyle, diet, and activities to determine if additional diagnostic tests, treatments, or vaccinations would be beneficial to your pet’s health. We will also provide you with information and instructions on how to keep your pet’s teeth free of plaque and tartar, minimizing the need for a dental cleaning under anesthesia. Recommendations regarding flea and tick prevention, diet, and heartworm prevention will be discussed.