At Smithtown Village Animal Hospital, we strive to provide the highest quality veterinary medicine. We offer a range of soft tissue surgery for our patients. From spaying and neutering to growth removals and other more complex surgeries, we look forward to caring for your pet’s surgical needs.

Our skilled staff will make sure that your pet receives the best care. We focus on patient safety, pain management and the most current surgical practices to put your mind at ease. Pre surgical testing is key to helping us tailor the proper anesthesia and surgical protocol for your pet. Pain control is employed during surgery and postoperatively. Our caring, compassionate staff will monitor your pet before, during and after surgery, ensuring a safe and complete recovery for your pet.

When it is time for your pet to leave the hospital, your veterinarian will review any post operative instructions and medications your pet needs to take at home. We encourage our clients to call with any questions or concerns that may arise when you arrive home. Help is only a phone call away. Most surgical patients will be seen at a follow up visit to ensure that there are no complications.

Our goal is to reduce you and your pet’s anxiety and stress concerning surgery and anesthesia. By providing pre surgical testing, thorough patient monitoring, and a caring, well trained professional staff, we hope we can help reduce your surgical concerns. Any questions you have concerning anesthesia, pain management and postoperative can be discussed with your Veterinarian.